Codazen is always kicking off new projects, so we decided to put together a web app starter kit. For the past few years, we've been building mostly React front-ends and REST API backends. Even more recently, we've been using Relay, a client for React to work with GraphQL APIs (compatible with REST).

The purpose of the Relay Starter Kit was to help us create Relay web apps quickly and consistently. We also wanted to share this with the community, so we are releasing it as open-source (MIT License). The lead contributor on the project, Kasey Munetake, has written a great post about our experience with creating a starter kit.


We hope you get a chance to clone our Relay Starter Kit repo and make use of it. Create an issue if there is a feature you'd like to request. We'll be rolling out some guidelines for how others can contribute. This repo will serve as the basis for more blog posts and features. Subscribe to our technical blog so you can get all the updates!

And if you'd like to talk about how Codazen can help your company build beautiful web apps, drop us a line.